27 February 2023
ADR: Smart Security arrives at Fiumicino, unrestricted liquids and electronic devices allowed in hand luggage
A hi-tech revolution at Fiumicino Airport where security checks before boarding are even quicker and easier at Terminal 1. In fact, thanks to a technology that performs a real 'CT scan', passengers will be able to carry liquids even larger than 100ml in their hand luggage, as well as computers, tablets and mobile phones without having to take them out and separate them from their suitcase. The new technology, introduced last year for frequent travellers, has now been extended to all passengers departing from Terminal 1.

In fact, in the Terminal that hosts about 70% of departures from Fiumicino, the installation of the revolutionary C3 standard Explosive Detection System hand baggage screening equipment by Smiths Detection - a global leader in security and threat detection technologies - has been completed - after a period of testing. This is the highest security standard for hand luggage screening, which will increase the level of security and further enhance the passenger experience. The new machines, which use X-ray scanners to obtain a computer tomography of the baggage, are capable of producing high-resolution 3D volumetric images with automatic detection of potentially dangerous substances, making the ability of security screening staff to analyse them even more effective and faster. Installation of the new technology is now under way at Terminal 3 security checkpoints and will be completed here within the year, with the exception of flights bound for the USA and Israel, which are subject to specific screening procedures.

Ivan Bassato, Chief Aviation Officer of Aeroporti di Roma, said: "The installation of new technologies with a view to smart security aims to make the passenger experience at the security gate even more effective and streamlined and confirms how our approach to service quality cannot disregard innovation, an enabling factor of ADR's industrial strategy.  The investment in the new C3 machines for hand luggage screening, together with the revolutionary QPass system for booking appointments at the security checkpoints operating at Fiumicino and the GRASP sensor system for dynamically directing passengers to the lane of fastest service, represents a further step towards this goal and is part of the broader panel of innovation projects that Aeroporti di Roma is putting in place to outline the airport of the future".