27 June 2016
The EPA endorses Easy Parking
Easy Parking, in front of the Leonardo da Vinci Terminals, has been awarded the European Standard Parking Award with top marks.

The European Standard Parking Award (ESPA) was established by the European Parking Association, in order to improve the quality of service provided to customers by operators within the car park sector in Europe. The certification is a guarantee, for users, of the quality and security of the parking areas that have achieved this recognition. As of yesterday, these include all of the Easy Parking car parks located in front of the Terminals at Leonardo da Vinci, which, following a thorough inspection, have allowed ADR Mobility to be awarded with the distinguished recognition.  

The ESPA is awarded to parking facilities open to the public that meet certain stringent quality criteria such as ramp accessibility, wayfinding systems, lighting of the areas, footpath safety and convenience of the parking areas, among many others. The European Standard Parking Award can only be obtained by parking facilities that reach the required number of points on the checklist.

Leonardo da Vinci, in Fiumicino, is the only European airport to have all its car parks in front of the terminals certified at the highest level, achieving the gold version updated to November 2015 standards.

Easy Parking is the brand that identifies the car parks within the airport, both at Fiumicino and at Ciampino. Their proximity to the terminals is synonymous with convenience. The Comfort B-C-D-E car parks that achieved the certification - together with short stay parking T1 and T3 – consist of 4,000 fully covered parking spaces (except those on the top floor), which have been recently renovated and are located in four multi-storey buildings in front of the terminals, which are connected with pedestrian access and conveniently covered walkways, equipped with travellators.