27 June 2016
Otello: easy procedures for vat refunds
Started a new procedure for VAT refunds to be carried out before check-in, intended for passengers flying from the airport, with goods in their hold luggage.

Started at 12pm today the launch at Terminal 3 of Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino airport of a new procedure for VAT refunds - already operating at Terminal 5 of the airport - for passengers requesting VAT refunds on goods in their hold luggage.

It's called O.T.E.L.L.O. and enables travellers at Fiumicino airport to request a VAT refund prior to check-in at Terminal 3, by applying directly to the VAT Refund operators, if they are in possession of invoices issued in Italy that have the following logos:






For all other cases, departing passengers will have to refer to the Customs Agency located at Terminal T3 near the offices of the VAT Refund operators.

The VAT refund service with the O.T.E.L.L.O. system will be available starting 4 hours before the scheduled timetable for departing flights.

Whereas travellers requesting a VAT refund for goods in their hand luggage only, will have to apply for a VAT refund   in the transit area after security check and before passport control at Customs.

Terminal maps


The opening hours of the three Vat Refund operators at Terminal 3 will be from 7am to 10pm. Travellers will need to apply directly to Customs during the hours that the VAT Refund offices are closed.