27 May 2016
Piero Angela at Fiumicino for a journey through ancient Rome
Third appointment of “Encounter on the Fly” (Incontra al volo), interview program with culture and entertainment celebrities, dedicated to airport passengers In June, Serena Autieri and Roberto Giacobbo

On Monday 30 May at 11:00 am, at Leonardo da Vinci airport, within the “Encounter on the fly” event, Enrico Cisnetto will interview Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano, creators of “Ancient Rome, two Paths and two Stories”. This is a multimedia itinerary - curated by the creators of Quark and set up at the Forum of Augustus and Caesar with the support of Aeroporti di Roma - that allows tourists and citizens to have a virtual experience of one of the most important Roman archaeological sites in its original form.

The interview will take place within the context of “Encounter on the Fly”, initiative organised by Aeroporti di Roma to widen the cultural and entertainment offer available to passengers before boarding. The event, created thanks to the contribution of columnist Enrico Cisnetto, entails a close encounter between passengers and entertainment, music, culture and sport celebrities. 

The event can also be followed by users of ADR's social media, who will be able to see the live event in streaming and ask questions to the guests. The next encounters, scheduled for 8 and 16 June, will feature actress Serena Autieri and journalist Roberto Giacobbo, respectively.