13 October 2016
ADR: Ciampino closed for ordinary runway maintenance
From 14 October, G.B. Pastine will suspend its operations for 15 days, necessary to allow the operations to renovate the runway.

Due to works for the ordinary renovation and maintenance of the runway, airport Giovan Battista Pastine in Ciampino will remain temporarily closed from 06:00 pm tomorrow, Friday 14 October (time at which flights will stop running), to 08:30 pm on Saturday 29 October

The closure will allow the execution of paving maintenance operations, which will be carried out 24/7, on some sections of the runway, junctions and taxiways. Works fit within the normal scheduled plan of operations, and within the useful life cycle of this type of infrastructure.

During this period, the following flights will be transferred to Leonardo da Vinci airport in Fiumicino:

• commercial passenger airlines (Wizzair and Ryanair): planned to operate from Terminal 2

• commercial cargo airlines: planned to operate at cargo city in Fiumicino

• general aviation: at off-peak times

All passengers of flights booked for Ciampino have already been informed for quite some time by their respective airlines.

While the airport is closed, ADR will make a free shuttle service available between Fiumicino and Ciampino to allow passengers to return to their departure airport.