13 September 2016
Navigare il territorio
Reopened to the public the Archaeological Park of the Imperial ports of Claudius and Trajan. Among the latest news, many new initiatives dedicated to mothers.

The Archaeological Park of Claudius and Trajan reopened to the public Saturday, 3rd September, after a short summer break,  - the only Roman port arrived intact until our time - visits allowed, every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday until 30th October from 11am to 6pm thanks to "Navigare il territorio", the project of the Benetton Foundation Studies Researches organised and managed by Aeroporti di Roma and promoted by the special Superintendence for the Colosseum and the central archaeological area of ​​Rome; in collaboration with the City of Fiumicino and with the school network "Project Tirreno - Eco-Schools".

A busy schedule will entertain children and adults: guided tours, workshops and - new - many initiatives dedicated to mothers and their children.

To mark on your calendar the dates of Saturday 17th and September 24th, when, thanks to the workshop "Natural cosmetics DIY... with the essences of the port", you will be able to experiment the techniques to produce cosmetics at home using what nature provides. 

During the lessons, part of the time will be devoted to reading and translating of the INCI nomenclature - the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients - to educate and navigate the many labels of cosmetic products.

For new mothers, "Navigare il territorio" proposes "Mammagym", a gentle exercise designed for women who want to get back into shape, without sacrificing the company of their little children. The exercises are in fact designed to make sure that the stroller and pram are used as real tools, while children are an integral part of the training sessions under the constant supervision of a qualified teacher in post-partum. The exercises can be performed as early as 40 days postpartum (after doctor's consent).

When? From September 27 to October 18 on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 10.30am on reservation only.

Finally, we mention "Yoga bimbo": yoga for children, proposed as a playful and creative activity which can offer an opportunity to learn themselves, gain a sense of well-being and greater security. Through the relationship with the group, the baby enters in fact in contact with their individuality: with practice the baby is lead to self-awareness, paying attention to their body, breath and feelings.

It is aimed at mothers and children aged 3 to 5 years Saturday 1, 8, 15 and 22 October at 10.30 am, on reservation only.

The treasures of the Port and all activities will be available for passengers of Leonardo da Vinci: during the opening days in fact, a free shuttle will commute between Terminal 3 Departures level, and the park allowing to reach the same in a few minutes.

A wonderful opportunity, therefore, also for passengers who daily pass at the Roman airport, to invest the time waiting for another flight or arriving before heading to the Old Town, surrounded by wellness within a site of great historical and cultural value for our country.