20 November 2017
ADR presents "Kids Take Over"
Leonardo da Vinci airport, protagonist of an unusual takeover: in identical uniforms to their parents, the children of airport staff participated in the airport operation

On the 28th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, a day in which UNICEF invites children from all over the world to symbolically take the place of adults in key social roles, from politics to business, the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Fiumicino was the protagonist of an unusual takeover, thanks to the initiative organised by ADR – Aeroporti di Roma and UNICEF.

In each Leonardo da Vinci Terminal, ADR employees from the information service, security and runway safety as well as the Terminal Managers were joined by their own children, who wore identical uniforms, to manage the airport’s activity. The children were therefore able to meet and assist passengers in the airport terminals, and, under the adults’ direct supervision, symbolically contributed to managing the airport's working day.


A symbolic initiative to express Aeroporti di Roma’s support for UNICEF’s global campaign, in support of the millions of children throughout the world who, even now, do not have access to education, live in badly protected environments or are forced to abandon their homes.


The close collaborative relationship between Aeroporti di Roma and UNICEF was also confirmed by a meeting held this morning at Leonardo da Vinci airport. The Executive Director of UNICEF Italia, Paolo Rozera, and the CEO of ADR, Ugo de Carolis, directly oversaw the young airport workers’ performance in the Terminals.