2 October 2018
Works on the Astral Viaduct
With reference to the provisions of 28 September, Astral has ordered the continuation of the crossing prohibition for heavy vehicles and has reduced traffic to one lane in each direction on the airport viaduct.
Following the new Order by Astral (no. 09 of 2 October 2018 ) , as of tomorrow, from 10:00 to 16:00, vehicles weighing over 7.5 tonnes will be permitted to travel on Via dell'Aeroporto in the segment between Via Montgolfier and Via Redipuglia in both directions. Specifically, vehicles weighing > 7.5 tonnes travelling from Isola Sacra towards the airport will need to make a compulsory left turn onto the ramp on Via Montgolfier, whilst vehicles travelling in the opposite direction will need to use the local road network and the ramp on Via Montgolfier to travel to Ostia/Isola Sacra.

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