5 December 2019
Tasting of Circeo Products
Tasting of excellent products from Circeo National Park in Plaza Premium Lounge. A journey for travellers to discover the flavours and products of the Lazio region.

The events at the airport that are dedicated to the Italian food and wine culture continue with a sampling of products from the Circeo National Park, the “Flavours of the Park” initiative. The tasting took place today at the Plaza Premium Lounge, a VIP room that offers comfort and services to all passengers departing from or passing through boarding area E, which is intended for non-Schengen flights.                                                                                                      

The project, the result of a collaboration between ADR, the Circeo National Park and the Plaza Premium Lounge, intends to promote knowledge and appreciation of the typical products of a territory that boasts agricultural and food businesses, as well as being known for fishing, livestock, and producing excellent-quality oils and wines.

To open the event, Emilio Albertario, Vice Chairman of the Associazione della stampa romana, entertained guests by presenting several creations from two Chefs, Gianluca Avagliano from the “Antico Mulino” and Gianna Cutuli of the “Plaza Premium Lounge” who offered some recipes that highlighted the taste of typical products local the Circeo Park. These included buffalo carpaccio and courgette scapece; buffalo mozzarella and pomodorino tomato confit; multigrain fettucine with white buffalo and finger lime zest; buffalo mozzarella stew with potatoes and artichoke petals; and for desert, little cannoli with buffalo ricotta and finger lime cream, and panettone served with finger lime chantilly cream. A space was also reserved for producers in the Circeo Park area, represented on the occasion by Agrilatina Farm, F.lli Avagliano Farm; Ganci Farm; Paola Orsini Farm; R.E.S. Ciociaria Farm; S Andrea Winery and Finger Lime Italia. All these companies are devoted to the appreciation and knowledge of the products that are typical of our wonderful territory.

“With this initiative we want to highlight and reconfirm the attention that we, as the management company, have always paid to the various aspects of the time passengers spend in the airport, and the attention to the territory represented by the food and wine proposal. Sure enough, the restaurant at Fiumicino offers a very varied menu, with a keen eye on Made in Italy,” commented CEO of Aeroporti di Roma, Ugo de Carolis. “Even choosing the Plaza Premium Lounge as the location for presenting the project is no coincidence: in fact, PPL only uses DOC Italian products in its kitchen”.

“We are pleased to introduce our “Flavours of the Park” project in a prestigious location, promoting the food and wine excellence of our conservation area and of the UNESCO biosphere reserve,” added the Manager of the Circeo National Park, Paolo Cassola. “This event represents a new and precious stone in the path, paving the way for promoting our lands and their history, with unique flavours and products with no food miles that are made with respect for the environment and the consumer. All this with a view to enhancing sustainable tourism, capable of combining the protection of biodiversity with the promotion of cultural, natural and historic beauty”.

“Today’s event represents a chance to strengthen the strategic partnership between the Plaza Premium Lounge and Aeroporti di Roma. The aim is to promote initiatives that make our philosophy of welcoming passengers clear. In this sense, since it began,” explained Analia Marinoff, General Manager of the Plaza Premium Lounge, “the Plaza Premium Lounge has offered travellers from all parts of the world the chance to experience local culinary excellence, short supply chains and zero-mile products from the city of Rome and the Lazio Region”.

A great curiosity has enticed Esri Itali to participate, which has, by using Story Map – a digital application that is able to build a real narrative through text, images and interactive maps – illustrated the food-territory relationship that unites Aeroporti di Roma, the Circeo National Park and the Plaza Premium Lounge.