22 February 2017
ADR and Codacons’ first magazine
Starting from today at the airport stopover of “Leonardo Da Vinci” there will be the “Check in Rome” Free Press which informs tourists on events, performances and cultural initiatives.

It is an important editorial initiative in favour of travellers arriving at the Leonardo da Vinci airport, in Rome. Thanks to the collaboration between Aeroporti di Roma and Codacons is born in fact "Check in Rome," the first free magazine dedicated to tourists, which will be distributed starting as of today at the Fiumicino airport stopover.

A monthly free press in two languages ​​- Italian and English - that informs travellers of all ongoing initiatives in the Italian Capital: concerts, performances, exhibitions, theatres, events for children and cultural proposals, with an indication of telephone numbers, addresses and websites where to book tickets or have further information. The magazine (published by Markonet), also dedicates a space to news regarding the airport and to events that take place directly at the Fiumicino terminal: in the first number, the star is the starred cuisine chef Heinz Beck, who opens the Leonardo Da Vinci "Attimi" restaurant.

Starting from today, the magazine has a circulation of 50,000 copies distributed at the airport stopover information desks, on the seats near the boarding gates and on dedicated stands where passengers can easily locate them.

The digital version of the magazine, viewed at aims also to collect reports, suggestions and judgments from those transiting through the main Italian airport, needed to ensure that the airport continues to occupy the top positions in the popularity classifications of the passengers, among the best European hubs.

"It is a small, free newspaper that offers a lot to travellers - explains President Carlo Rienzi – those landing at Fiumicino airport, in fact, will have at once a clear picture of the cultural events taking place in Rome, and will be able to better manage their free time. The magazine also indicates to readers the channels to get in touch with Codacons".

"Check in Rome” is a new and additional source of information for our travellers, to whom we point out the most important cultural and entertainment events at the airport and in Town," stated the Aeroporti di Roma Managing Director, Ugo de Carolis. "We strengthen in this way our bond with the territory, the history and the initiatives of Fiumicino airport and Rome, of which we are the gateway for passengers from all over the world. We are glad of this partnership with Codacons, a significant reality that, like us, every day works to ensure quality to tens of thousands of passengers, users and consumers.”