20 January 2017
Works for runway 1
5 million euros investment to upgrade the infrastructure. Lighting and water systems optimised. Minimum impact on airport operations.

Use of runway 1 (named 16R/34L) at Leonardo da Vinci airport will be interrupted from 11:00 pm tonight, Friday 20 January, to 6:00 am on Friday 3 March to allow for maintenance and technological innovation of the infrastructure.

The works will involve the refurbishment of the runway’s paving and of the surfaces used for aircraft taxiing. Furthermore, the entire lighting system will be completely replaced and renewed, both through the use of innovative LED lamps (to improve visibility and for energy saving purposes), and thanks to the installation of a new light monitoring system. Operations will also see works on the water system of the West zone in the runway area, with the creation of a new manifold for the collection of rainwater from airport surfaces. Investment for this activity slot is of around 5 million euros.

In order to reduce to a minimum any impacts of airport operations, significant efforts have been put into coordinating between ADR, ENAC, ENAV Assoclearance and the airlines operating at Fiumicino. The period chosen for the works has the least amount to traffic compared to the year average, minimising the change of repercussions on airport operations. Passengers will be constantly informed through all available communication channels (airport monitors, website, social media platforms, etc.).