6 November 2015
ADR informs
Work in progress in Fiumicino on Runway 1 taxiways for the new De-Icing pads

Aeroporti di Roma wishes to inform that, starting next weekend,work will begin on the construction of de-icing pads, i.e., facilities next to the taxiways of runway no.  1  (called  16R/34L)  of  Leonardo  da  Vinci  airport  in  Fiumicino,  designed  to  allow de-icing operations on aircrafts prior to take-off in case of snow.

Closeness to the runway will ensure higher efficiency of de-icing procedures and will allow aircrafts to enter the take-off runway immediatelyafter de-icing, ensuring compliance with Holdover Time guidelines.

Works will last from Friday, November 6 at 11 pm until Monday, November 9 at 6 am, and will continue over the next two weekends. During this period, no flight cancellations are expected, but due to service disruption, passengers may experience short  delays in incoming flights at peakhours up to 30 minutes. Passengers will be properly informed of any possible delay.