11 March 2020
As regards the matter concerning the coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infection, it should be noted that all arriving passengers and all passengers departing from extra-Schengen destinations,are being subject to health checks carried out by USMAF [Port and Airport Health Office] doctors from the Ministry of Health.

For further information, please visit the Ministry of Health website (in Italian) and the WHO website (in English).

Dedicated number: 1500


Ministry of the Interior Provisions - updated

In relation to the Prime Minister’s Decree dated 9 March 2020 on the limitations for travel into, out of and within Italy, please be reminded that, before departure, you must complete two copies of a self-certification, specifying the reason for your trip (proven work requirements, situations of necessity or health purposes). This form is also mandatory for all Italian citizens or residents in Italy who travel to a Schengen or non-Schengen foreign country. 

A copy of the form must be handed over to the Airport Border Police staff at the time of departure, before the security checks.  

Self-certification is not necessary for EU or non-EU citizens. 

Passengers of any nationality arriving in Rome must also complete the self-certification form.

The form can be downloaded directly from the website of the Ministry of Interior: ( Those who do not have it may request it from the Airport Border Police staff present at the airport or at the information points and check-in desks at the airport terminals. 

In any case, passengers are asked to please contact their airlines to check their flight status. 

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Advice from the Ministry of Health's website:

1 Wash your hands frequently

2 Avoid close contact with individuals who suffer from acute respiratory infections

3 Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands

4 Cover your mouth and node if you sneeze or cough

5 Don’t take antiviral or antibiotic medication unless you have been prescribed them by a doctor

6 Clean surfaces with chlorine- or alcohol-based disinfectants

7 Only use a mask if you suspect you are sick or take care of sick people

8 MADE IN CHINA products and packages received from China are not dangerous

9 Contact the number 112 if you have a fever or cough and you think you may be infected

10 Pets cannot spread the new coronavirus