9 April 2024
ADR, art takes centre stage at Leonardo da Vinci airport with 'Master of Mistakes' by Daniele Sigalot
An invitation to passengers and the airport community to stop and rethink the mistakes they made in their lives, conscious that such events are a precious part of every experience: this is the message proposed by the artwork 'Master of Mistakes’, on display from today in the square of Terminal 1 at ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ Airport, created by the Rome-born artist Daniele Sigalot.
Fiumicino, 9 April 2024 - The new artwork, after being exhibited at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, was unveiled this morning during a ceremony attended by Aeroporti di Roma’s CEO Marco Troncone, the President of the Cultural Commission of the Chamber of Deputies Federico Mollicone, the Councillor for Culture and Sport of the Municipality of Fiumicino Federica Poggio, the Councilor for Commerce and Productive Activities of the Municipality of Fiumicino Raffaello Biselli, and Angelo Argento, Chairman of Cultura Italiae.

“Master of Mistakes” is a spherical sculpture with a diameter of 300 cm, made of hundreds of aluminium sheets, which create a dynamic planisphere in which the elements recreate the physical projection of an earthly double. This way, a single object in static equilibrium narrates the collective value of civic thought. The work is an opportunity for self-analysis that is also directed towards the spectator, as is the case with other works by Daniele Sigalot, who specialises in exploiting the ambiguity of materials. "A shape that seems light and gets heavier by accumulation; this is not a pipe, nor a sheet of paper, but a piece of aluminium. Placed one on top of another, they become a giant figure, nothing valiant or heroic, but a monument dedicated to what we would like to forget about ourselves,” explains the artist.

"Master of Mistakes is a valuable addition to the cultural and artistic offer of our airport, offering our passengers and the entire airport community an opportunity for reflection,” said Aeroporti di Roma’s CEO Marco Troncone. “An intense artistic and cultural programming has long been part of ADR's sustainability strategy and, in recent years, it has involved transforming Leonardo da Vinci Airport into a unique place, a showcase of the beauty and creativity of Italy, as part of a system that combines the excellence of operational processes with the quality of service offered by all our operators and partners. This strategy has positioned us among the global elite of Skytrax 5-star airports and led us to be confirmed, just a few weeks ago, by ACI World as Europe's best airport for the quality of services for the seventh year in a row – in the category of airports with over 40 million passengers.”

Over the past few years, the airport management company, part of Mundys Group, has rethought the concept of airport as a place of concrete application of the sustainability roadmap, characterised by the company's orientation towards innovation, sustainable development and digitalisation, as well as a strong drive towards cultural contamination. Today, Fiumicino ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ Airport sees itself as an 'open-air museum', promoting the immense cultural and artistic heritage of Italy, both classical and contemporary, in all its forms, as well as ensuring a pleasant and increasingly diversified shopping experience that accompanies the wide range of services offered to passengers.