Proper conduct


Presence of areas attracting wildlife

  • Regulation EC 139/14 articles 9 and 10;
  • acc. to Article 707 of the Navigation Code;
  • acc. to Article 711 of the Navigation Code;
  • acc. to Article 714 of the Navigation Code;
  • acc. to Article 715 of the Navigation Code;



Please visit the site of the National Civil Aviation Authority to review in depth the requirements set forth to avoid generating the wildlife risk around the airport (Circular ENAC APT 01B):



Presence of obstacles

To avoid generating a risk for air transport security the route required by the National Civil Aviation Authority, outlined on the website page of the ENAC must be followed closely.


Remote pilot aircraft

The use of drones is subject to binding regulatory requirements that must be observed carefully. Below is a list of national applicable regulations provided on the website of the National Civil Aviation Authority:





 On the ENAC web page dedicated to remote pilot aircraft, there is a general collection of documentation in this regard:



Drones are not a toy, use them by observing all the rules prescribed by the National Authority.




Forest areas and fields

The Law regulates the foreseeability, the prevention, and active struggle against forest fires. The Site of the State Forestry Corps - referenced - now absorbed by the Corps of Carabinieri, provides useful advice on the prevention of fires.




Chinese lanterns and other objects suspended in the atmosphere


Launching Chinese lanterns and, in general, of any object that may interfere with air traffic is governed by national regulations, through Circulars issued by the National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC). In particular, the Circular ATM-05 regulates events and distinctive activities pertinent to air traffic. 

ENAC is therefore the competent body to whom to submit the request at least 45 days before the date of the event. Further information and forms to be filled in for the authorization request are available on the ENAC website.



Airport emergency gates

It is recalled the absolute prohibition to park cars/vehicles at the airport emergency gates. Along the perimeter fence, there are gates intended for the exit/entry of rescue vehicles in the event of an aviation event. Leaving the unattended vehicle close to these gates can hinder rescue operations, with criminal consequences.


Your conduct at the airport

Conduct while boarding and disembarking the aircraft:

  • Do not place devices that contain lithium batteries in your carry on luggage;


  • Do not smoke;
  • Do not run;
  • Hold your children firmly by hand;
  • Do not walk under the aircraft's wings;
  • Do not litter;
  • Walk slowly and carefully on the stairs while boarding and disembarking the aircraft, and make sure to use the handrails;
  • Pay special attention if you carry backpacks, shoulder bags, or hand luggage, not to lose your balance while descending or ascending the boarding and disembarking the aircraft staircase; always hold the handrail.