Mission and Vision


We aim at leading the development of the “airport of the future”, based on a new, inclusive model. 
Together with all our people, with passionately focus on Sustainable Development, Quality and Innovation and we are constantly committed to keep achieving international excellence to provide our passengers, partners and communities with an added value. 

Our strategy is guided by our fundamental values:

Our way of being:

We act with integrity and transparency, encouraging understanding and cooperation. We create trust and cultivate relationships based on an ethical and honest approach.

Our present and our future:

All our people matter - our team, our community, our passengers. We care about their uniCueness, and encourage inclusiveness, listening and dialogue.

Our approach:

We are constantly inspired and stimulated by the passion for what we do. We always look ahead, committing ourselves with enthusiasm and pride.

Our challenges:

We have the courage to dare, learning from mistakes, as individuals and with our people, driven by audacity and curiosity. We innovate to create ehcellence, guided by the aspiration to be architects of the future.


To be Italy's main gateway to the world, cutting-edge and captivating, creating sustainable and shared value for our stakeholders.