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For workers' health, everyday concrete prevention objectives are pursued, which are correlated to a rigorous safety regulatory, coming from by a safety at work culture. Prevention means acting in order to eliminate or limit risks; in ADR safety at work aims to make work safe and to improve working life quality and prevent diseases and accidents at work.


This particular care to health and wealth of workers is translated in a daily practice. To grant to people the conditions for the maintenance of good healthy and physical conditions, by protecting its active role in society, represents an objective to reach through prevention programs and an efficacious training/information activity at any level.

The regulatory foresees the following active subjects in the prevention and protection process:

  • Employer 
  • Manager 
  • Appointed operator 
  • Workers 
  • Prevention and Protection Service 
  • Employed to special duties 
  • Workers representatives for safety (RLS) 
  • Expert doctor

The activities carried out by them mainly focuses on:

  • Risk Evaluation Document 
  • Ability of the Individual protection Devices 
  • Training and information programs.