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17 December 2018
The statue will be on display in Terminal 3 as a representation of the meeting of different cultures in the passenger transit point

2 December 2018
In Terminal 3, in the area dedicated to international flights, opera music and famous soundtracks accompany departing passengers

29 November 2018
The actor, screenwriter and author presented the latest in the field of publishing to passengers in Boarding Area B

28 November 2018
Presented at the BizTravel Forum, the Italian B2B event dedicated to the Business Travel Community is a partnership agreement between ADR and Uvet, a leading company in the business travel sector

14 November 2018
Antonio Polito presented travellers travelling through Boarding Area B with his latest work: “Prove tecniche di resurrezione. Come riprendersi la propria vita” (Tests of resurrection. How to take back your life)