Emergency management

ADR, in co-operation with the National Civil Aviation Authority, prepared an apposite "Manual for the emergency management", which set forth aims, activities, organising structures and competencies necessary to grant a fast and efficient management of anomalous situations. It is applied to emergencies which verify at the airport or in the nearby areas, jointly with the bodies involved, such as Fire Brigade, Police Force, Carabinieris, Aviation Health, carriers, etc.,The airport emergency plan, which, on the basis of an accurate evaluation of the risks takes into account the typologies of the aircrafts, of the various airport activities, of the territory characteristics and of the resources available inside and outside the airport, it foresees emergency simulations carried out periodically in the two Capitoline airports.

 As a support of this complex organization, ADR at Fiumicino has available an equipped "crisis room"  dedicated to the collection, registration and transmission of the information relative to an emergency situation. It is an actual "control room", modern technologically, where the authorities and the institutions meet in order to decide in a co-ordinate way the measures to adopt in the case of accidents, terrorism attacks, bomb alarms, etc.