Anti-Corruption Group Policy

In confirmation of its commitment to preventing and countering illicit activities, Atlantia has adopted an Anti-Corruption Policy (implemented by Aeroporti di Roma), a comprehensive framework that incorporates current regulations for preventing and countering corruption in the Group.

Date of publication: 8 November 2017  (New version Anti-Corruption Policy EN - August 2019)

Prevention of corruption

ADR, aware of the negative impact of bribery in developing and maintaining a sustainable economic and social environment, is committed on the front line not only to opposing, but to preventing the occurrence of bribery practices in performing its operations.

ADR operates in full awareness that compliance with the prevailing anti-bribery regulation is more than a legal obligation, representing a basic element of the culture and mode of operating of the Company and, more generally, of the Atlantia Group.
Nevertheless, compliance with the anti-bribery regulation is a necessary element, but insufficient for opposing the phenomenon of bribery. In fact, economic organisations have the responsibility of actively contributing to the battle against bribery.

For this purpose, ADR has adopted an Anti-bribery Management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 37001:2016, with the goal of fully supporting the organisation in preventing, detecting and taking on bribery and in compliance of the applicable laws on the prevention of and battle against bribery.

Compliance with this Management System, which is founded on the Atlantia Group Anticorruption policy, represents an obligation for all ADR personnel and constitutes an essential and founding condition of any relationship held by the Company in performing its operations.

During the month of April 2018, ADR Anti-bribery Management System has obtained the certification according to the UNI ISO 37001:2016 standard by, a certification body accredited with Accredia (national accrediting body of certification and inspection bodies) and leader in conformity assessment in Italy.

During the month of April 2021, the certification body Bureau Veritas Italia S.p.A. has renewed ADR Anti-bribery Management certification. ADR Anti-bribery Management System has been audited and found to be in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery.