Airport Management System


Aeroporti di Roma, in accordance with the requirements of Reg. (EC) 216/2008 and the corresponding Implementing Rules laid down in EU Regulation 139/14, is structured to ensure the security of all areas and to maintain the safety requirements of Fiumicino airport operations.









  • Accountable Manager: in charge of the safe operation of the airport, ensuring the availability of appropriately qualified personnel - and the economic resources necessary to maintain the certification requirements and, therefore, the security levels established by European regulation;
  • Operations Fiumicino Manager: supports the Accountable Manager for the strategic aspects of the development of services and the supervision/coordination/improvement of the same aspects and operational processes (in particular on quality, innovation, sustainability, environment, health and safety at work); for the planning and reporting processes of economics and finance;
  • Training Manager: in charge of staff training, so that the personnel involved in the operations are adequately qualified and knowledgeable, in order to ensure that the activities are carried out safely;
  • Post Holder Movement Area: in charge of the movement of personnel and vehicles within the area assigned for aircraft movement and operations occurring in airside areas.
  • Post Holder Maintenance: in charge of maintaining infrastructure and plant requirements, dedicated for the safe movement of aircraft on the ground, as outlined in the Regulation.
  • Design Post Holder: in charge of compliance with the regulations in force, the design of all new infrastructures, relating to the Terminals and the areas dedicated to the movement of aircraft (including runways, junctions, aprons, taxiways, etc.) within the airport territory.
  • Post Holder Terminal: in charge of ordinary security and passenger assistance procedures in airports and those that, for the sake of Safety, concern the connection of the Terminal with the aircraft.



The Safety & Compliance Monitoring Management System



The Safety & Compliance Monitoring Manager: responsible for the systematic management of the possible risks associated with aircraft operations, to prevent any potential events that may occur during the airside activities, to ensure that the highest security standards are observed by the airport system.

Furthermore, he is responsible for the verification, through timely audits of the compliance with the regulatory requirements of the organization and some processes of external Entities that take place in areas dedicated to the movement of aircraft.


Fiumicino Airport and Safety Committees


The Airport is a complex organization; different Entities and Societies are simultaneously operating in a common area. The importance of respecting rules and regulations in order to reduce the risk that an aircraft and its occupants may involve, is a national approach that is periodically analysed and measured within the Aviation Safety Committees. The Committees, the State Entities and the Companies operating at the airport, work in close coordination toward one common goal: to maintain the safety of the aircraft operations at Fiumicino airport.


  • The Safety Action Group: aimed mainly at implementing initiatives, projects and activities to maintain the safety requirements of the Fiumicino airport. It is composed of the deputy Post Holders of the Fiumicino Airport and ADR's special functions, depending on the subject matter;
  • The Safety Board: is the ADR's internal committee which aims to assist the Accountable Manager in the continuous maintenance of the requirements for the security of operations. It comprises the Accountable Manager, the Post Holders, the Safety & Compliance Monitoring Manager, and the Training Manager.
  • The Safety Committee: is an Advisory Committee of the Fiumicino Airport, which aims to promote Safety Issues and participation in the Safety Management System activities. It comprises ADR and all the companies and State Entities operating at the airport;
  • The Emergency Response Committee: is a decision-making committee to control emergency management procedures. It comprises ADR and all the companies and State Entities operating at the airport;
  • The Local Runway Safety Team: is an Advisory Committee which aims to analyse and assess the operational safety of the runways in order to reduce runway incursion.




Safety Management


Aerodrome certification & Compliance Monitoring


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