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easy park
Choosing easy Parking allows you to leave your car just a few minutes away from the departure and arrival terminals and take off in peace. 
We have a tailor-made offer for every type of stay and budget, thanks to our online rates, starting from €5 per dayFind out more
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Travel is easy

Ciampino Airport is not just a departure or arrival point for flights: Ciampino's airport facilities offer passengers a wide range of airport services. From the moment of their arrival until their departure, the services and facilities at Rome Ciampino Airport are designed to make passengers' journey as comfortable as possible. 
Within Ciampino Airport, the map clearly shows the location of each service, making it easy for passengers to locate what they need.
Parking is always among travelers’ biggest concerns: Ciampino offers a solution! Several parking options are available to ensure maximum convenience, whether you need to catch a flight or are simply dropping someone off. 
If you prefer to move independently, the car rental service is ideal. Several companies are present within the airport and offer a wide range of rental vehicles, suitable for all needs. 
The Truestar Securebag service deserves a special mention: this is a great service for those who wish to protect their luggage by wrapping it in protective film. Safety and security are the watchwords when it comes to one's belongings. 
Traveling also means having to deal with different currencies. Thanks to the Best and Fast Change service, you can change your currency quickly and safely, with no surprises. 
At Ciampino Airport, assistance is one of the top priorities. Every passenger, regardless of their needs, will find qualified staff ready to assist at every stage of their journey. Whether it is information, specific assistance or any other need, Ciampino Airport's main goal is to make your experience as pleasant as possible. 
Ciampino Airport offers not only flights, but a range of all-around services designed to make every trip unique. Each service has a dedicated page, where you can find all the information you need. Enjoy your trip and the services offered by Ciampino!
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