Internet Wi-Fi


The new Wi-Fi wireless network has taken off at "G. B. Pastine". With more than 700 Wi-Fi access points distributed throughout the airports, in the Epua and Epua 2 office buildings, in the Cargo area and at the aircraft stands, the wireless network of Cimapino Airport is one of the broadest in Europe.

Wireless means that access to the network needs no wiring, no dedicated network outlet. You will simply turn on your personal computer or handheld to connect automatically. For passengers, this means being able to browse the Internet or download emails sitting comfortably, waiting for their flight, since the implementation of Wi-Fi technology, which today is guaranteed on all laptops and handhelds, ensures a plug & play easy and immediate use of wireless services.

Passenger internet access at the airport is provided by Aeroporti di Roma in partnership with Fastweb. In line with international best practice, unrestricted Wi-Fi network access is provided. Users therefore have unlimited free access to the wireless network and can browse the web from any device while at the airport.


How to connect:

  • Turn on your Wi-Fi-enabled device
  • Select the "AIRPORT FREE WIFI" network 
  • Launch your browser
  • You will be automatically redirected to the welcome page
  • Follow the network access instructions ​


Every time You are in the airport you must repeat this procedure of connection ​