Near the Rome Ciampino airport exit there is a taxi service for Rome.
The fares are:

  • from and to Ciampino Airport – Mura Aureliane, 30 euro
  • from and to Ciampino Airport – Ostiense Railway Station, 30 euro
  • from and to Ciampino Airport – Tiburtina Railway Station, 35 euro
  • ​from and to Ciampino Airport – Fiumicino  Airport, 50 euro



All the above rates are fixed by the municipality responsible and may be subject to change without notice. To check please see the website of the Municipality of Rome.

The cost of the service includes baggage, maximum four passengers.

For other destinations the cost will be displayed on the taximeter in the taxi, to which the charge for baggage will be added. Taxis licensed by the Municipality of Rome are white with a "TAXI" sign on the roof and a licence number on the doors, on the back and inside the vehicle.


Any other vehicle at the airport exit could be driven by persons not in possession of a valid taxi or car hire permit and the tariff requested may be higher, or in any case different from that foreseen by the Municipality of Rome.