The Terminals

The new configuration of the Leonardo da Vinci airport will take shape in the medium term.

The general layout completes the works already envisaged under the Airport Development Plan of 1994. New boarding areas (A, E, F, J) will be created and, in order to maximize flexibility, there are plans for construction of the new Terminal 4, the extension of Terminal 1 and the upgrading of Terminal 3 with the new Front portion.

The terminals complex will benefit by the development of new baggage handling and screening systems (HBS/BHS) serving T1 and T3 to fully meet anticipated demand. These systems will be connected so as to allow the transit of baggage from the west sector of the airport to the east sector and vice versa. A dedicated HBS/BHS system will be created for T4.

Extension of the Terminals

Extensions of existing terminals will include the Front portion of Terminal 1, the westerly extension of T1 and the new Terminal 4.

T1 Front portion. This project concerns the extension of Terminal 1 at the front of the aircraft aprons. By extending the depth of the Terminal, new spaces dedicated to commercial activities, food & beverage areas and VIP lounges will be inserted. The Front portion of T1 will be the structure connecting the Terminal and the new boarding area A.

Westerly extension of T1. This project concerns the extension on the west front of Terminal 1 towards the areas currently occupied by Terminal 2 and boarding area C. The first case involves demolition and the second reconfiguration in order to create new areas for gates and commercial services, as well as improving the subsystems present in the Terminal, such as check-in, security checks, baggage belts, etc.

T4. The new Terminal will be built in the western area currently occupied by buildings used as warehouses and offices at the edge of the central terminal system. This project aims to accept a share of existing traffic at Fiumicino airport, helping to increase the capacity of the airport and consequently the level of service to passengers.