Flight infrastructure


The new flight infrastructure takes account of possible variations in air traffic demand, understood in terms of the number, and trends, of the movements each day of the different types of aircraft. Traffic increases are tied to the ability to attract and satisfy requests for new flights or increase already existing ones. 

The project of adaptation and strengthening of the flight infrastructure involves the construction of new aircraft parking stands and boarding areas with gates with loading bridges, in addition to implementing the taxiways.

The aim is to improve the operational levels of the airport, optimizing the flexibility of the system mostly in peak hours.


The main actions envisaged concern:

enlargement and creation of new aircraft aprons
doubling of the taxiway parallel to runway 2
upgrading runway 2 (already done)
upgrading and modernization of taxiway for runway No. 1, called 16R/34L (already done)
upgrade of runway 3 and taxiway system connected to it
activation of new runways