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Aeroporti di Roma reports that on the 1st July 2016 new rules for the awarding of public contracts for amounts below the EU threshold came into force. 

Download the PDF document here

The Purchasing Portal is the Internet platform used by Aeroporti di Roma S.p.A (ADR) for the purchase and procurement of goods, services and labour and to manage the registration process and supplier qualification.

The adoption of an e-procurement platform by ADR guarantees suppliers tangible benefits, including:

  • Transparency and equal opportunities regarding the contractor selection procedure: all suppliers invited to a negotiation event have the same information and share the same tender "rules".
  • Reduction in the time needed to prepare and send bids: intuitive interfaces guide and automate the process.
  • More efficient and effective interaction with ADR: thanks to the automation and standardisation of communication protocols that streamline the processes.
  • Authenticity, competitiveness and integrity in data exchange.

In summary, the Portal is a work and monitoring tool that we make available to all our suppliers so that they can introduce themselves to the Group, manage their own qualification process, become part of the ADR Group's list of suppliers, respond to invitations to tender, create and manage relations with the Group and have access to their own Vendor Rating results.


Subscribe to the Purchasing Portal: click on the link "ACCESS PURCHASING PORTAL" and continue with "User Registration".

Access the new purchasing portal

 Request passes for inspections: Companies invited to tender processes, may, where applicable, request passes to participate in inspections. The process has two steps:

1. Acquisition of credentials: you must register at the following link:


 2. Request passes: after registration you must request passes by accessing the form via the following link: 

Pass request

 N.B. The credentials that must be used to request inspection passes for a tender process are different to those needed to request passes for a contract.


To register on the Procurement Website, click on "ENTER THE PROCUREMENT WEBSITE" and go to "New registration".

Aeroporti di Roma SpA has adopted a new e-procurement platform for the qualification of suppliers and management of tenders.

For further information you can write to albofornitori@adr.it or call +39 06 6595 3843/5577 from Monday to Friday from  9am to 1pm and 2.30pm to 4.30pm.