Airside Driving Certification (ADC-A) training 


Initial theoretical training (4 hours Instructor led webinar)

Overview: This course provides vehicle operators the necessary knowledge and skills required to safely drive on the Apron, in accordance with airside driving regulations. A Certificate of attendance has to be submitted to register to an ADC-A initial release testing session at Fiumicino and Ciampino airport.
Registration: the service can be purchased @ 

Initial practical training (4 hours @FCO, 2 hours @CIA Istructor led)

Overview: An airport specific practical session led by an Airside Driving Expert will allow the trainee to familiarize with the Apron vehicular traffic and key “safety spots” and to attend a practical assessment. The Certificate of proficiency obtained is part of the documentation required to register to an ADC-A initial release testing session

Registration:  the service can be purchased @ 

Refresher training (2h @FCO, 1h @CIA Instructor led )

Overview: Compulsory  airport specific practical training to be attended in case of absence from driving between 3 and 12 consecutive months.

Registration: the service can be purchased @

 To book a session to the above mention courses please write to  providing the following info:
• Company name, VAT/ tax ID code  
• Trainee name, tax ID code and email address 
Recurrent training (2h e-learning)

Overview: In order to maintain the capability to driving unescorted in airside at Fiumicino and / or Ciampino airport  the recurrent training has to be passed every 24 months.

Registration:  licences to enroll own employees can be purchased@  

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