Passenger Rights


To ensure the quality of services provided and to constantly verify customer/passenger satisfaction, ADR and ENAC monitor the key elements on which the policy of quality is based. The passenger’s journey begins and ends at the airport, with the flight in between; these two phases, involving different actors, are regulated by two different documents that protect the passenger in the two steps of the journey: the flight and the stay at the airport.

The Charter of Passengers of Rights, adopted by ENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority), safeguards passengers and their luggage in the entire process for which the airline you are travelling with is responsible.

The Service Charter drawn up by Aeroporti di Roma, is based on guidelines provided by ENAC.

Fifty-two indicators are identified in the documents for passengers to be aware of the level of service they can count on at Rome airports. 

The first edition of the List of Services and the Guide for Passengers with Reduced Mobility outlines the levels of service guaranteed to passengers with disabilities and/or with reduced mobility and contains a specific guide to Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci and Ciampino G. B. Pastine airports. 



In the interests of guaranteeing the quality of the service offering and constantly measuring customer/passenger satisfaction, ADR and ENAC monitor the key elements that comprise their quality policy.Passengers begin and end their flights in airports; the two phases - in flight and in the airport - involving different players, are covered by two separate documents, protecting the rights of passengers when on board and during their stay in the airport.