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Real Estate


The Real Estate section is currently under construction

As part of the development of the Fiumicino International Airport, the development plan of the Real Estate initiatives which includes the promotion of activities focused on the improvement of the passenger’s experience and the quality of the services offered, not only inside the Terminal but also in the surrounding areas located within in the airport’s boundary, is in full swing.

The Real Estate development activities being launched are part of the broader “Fiumicino South Completion Project” (ENAC, 2011) and include the creation of new infrastructures tied mainly to the areas of management, hospitality and related services.

The most significant initiative, a multipurpose business district, will soon launch marketing activities of the spaces that will be created with the support of BNP Real Estate Advisory.

The start of the Real Estate initiatives will contribute to enhancing the Fiumicino airport system and will allow the stopover to project itself towards the standard offerings of the principal international competitors and towards the concept of a “City-Airport”.