ZEGNA FW23 Oasi Cashmere Collection.

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Elevate your everyday essentials with the white pure cotton short-sleeve T-shirt.

Rome Airport Price: € 266,00

Downtown price: € 325,00

At Rome airport you save: € 59,00


Ultra-soft with a subtly textured finish, the light beige mélange Oasi Cashmere crewneck is an elevated casual staple.

Rome Airport Price: € 975,00

Downtown price: € 1.190,00

At Rome airport you save: € 215,00


Showcasing Zegna's uncompromising approach to natural materials, the foliage-colored Oasi Cashmere overshirt carries this legacy of fine craftsmanship into a new era.

Rome Airport Price: € 1.844,00

Downtown price: € 2.250,00

At Rome airport you save: € 406,00


The beige deerskin Triple Stitch™ low top sneakers with the iconic signature triple crossed elatics are a sophisticated take on casual footwear.

Rome Airport Price: € 697,00

Downtown price: € 850,00

At Rome airport you save: € 153,00