Bottega Veneta

The Winter 23 collection celebrates Italy. Techniques, motifs and characters from the past travel through space and time to speak to the present and the future.

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Reminiscent of vintage luggage, the elegant rectangular shapes are constructed in smooth woven leather, sewn to create a spherical finish along the perimeters.

Rome Airport Price: € 3.689,00

Downtown price: € 4.500,00

At Rome airport you save: 811,00


Inspired by the shape of a timeless hobo bag of 2002, Hop’s supple and slouchy look is realised entirely by hand by expert artisans with a 3D Intreccio technique.

Rome Airport Price: € 2.049,00

Downtown price: € 2.500,00

At Rome airport you save: 451,00


Gemelli is a shoulder bag with an innovative design handcrafted in Intrecciato. It is woven from strips of supple leather and hangs from two signature knot details.

Rome Airport Price: € 2.623,00

Downtown price: € 3.200,00

At Rome airport you save: 577,00


Featuring a mesh pattern recalling the brand signature Intreccio, the unisex Orbit sneakers have a hybrid effect.

Rome Airport Price: € 648,00

Downtown price: € 790,00

At Rome airport you save: 142,00