Sustainability's strategies


As part of the real estate management, a series of measures have been launched aimed at limiting the environmental impact by facilitating a “smart” and rational use of resources. To achieve this goal in 2020, despite the scarcity of resources available as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, some improvement projects were launched aimed at strengthening the management and control system of sub-granted spaces, also with a view to sustainability, specifically:
  • through periodic checks with reference to environmental issues, on aspects shared with the specialist company function, giving support to the sub-concessionaire by carrying out specific environmental and sustainability controls;
  • tracking system for corrective and improvement actions;
  • implementation of the green objectives of the contractual documentation;
  • implementation for particularly sensitive activities, of checks with the help of specialized companies.
In addressing one of the biggest challenges as is that of climate change, a radical transformation is also needed, starting from the construction sector, by adopting new approaches with an integrated and holistic vision. In fact, buildings are responsible for about half of total energy consumption, as they produce CO2 emissions and waste. It is essential to design and build with the utmost attention to environmental sustainability, using the energy certification tool as an essential method for measuring impacts.
The development initiatives, as early as from the design phase, pursue high standards of energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and regeneration of the airport grounds, as well as the objectives of LEED certification (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) developed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), the American classification system for the energy efficiency and ecological footprint of buildings.
Today the development initiatives in the study and design phase that will help to confirm the commitments made in terms of sustainability are:
HUBTOWN Rome Business District:
  • 4 buildings already pre-certified LEED ® Gold level;
  • Design Review average score obtained 57 points
  • LEED ® certification objective GOLD level (60 - 79 points)
New office offer in front of Terminal 1:
  • Design Review score 52 points
  • LEED ® certification objective GOLD level (60 - 79 points)
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