Disposal flow of objects


Before check-in, passengers are asked to get rid of, in a specially designed area, all objects that, in accordance with the current regulatory framework and in compliance with basic safety standards, are not permitted inside the aircraft. This includes liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs*) and objects not allowed in the cabin (ONACs).


What happens to LAGs* and ONACs?

At the airport, just before the security gates, special containers are available which passengers can use to get rid of all objects not allowed in the cabin and that have not previously been placed in checked-in luggage. Aeroporti di Roma, shall subsequently dispose of this objects, namely, the LAGs* and ONACs.


LAGs*: Liquids, aerosols and gels - * Unless EDS Standard C3 control equipment is used.

Bins for liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs*) are located in the designated “Preparation area”, equipped with special info-graphics that provide passengers with all the information they need for their luggage to be permitted in the cabin or on how to dispose of any objects not permitted.

Subsequently, an ADR Group company, ADR Cleaning, shall collect the waste and transport it to special ecological islands. The waste will then be collected and disposed of at authorised plants.



ONACs: Other objects not permitted in the cabin

Containers for these types of objects are located at the security gates. Objects placed in these containers shall be identified by the ADR Group company, ADR Security, which will then subdivide the objects by type.

ADR shall specifically dispose of these objects, which will then be collected by a specialist company and subsequently disposed of at authorised plants.