Runway to the Future

The Challenges proposed by ADR spa are addressed to all national or international innovative start-ups or SMEs.

Any innovative start-up or SME can participate in one or more than one of the Challenges launched by ADR and currently active on the website under the "Call4Startups" section. - You can submit your project by selecting the relevant Challenge and accessing the dedicated portal via the "PARTICIPATE" button - You will find the Challenge within the dedicated portal the Challenges will be displayed and, after reading the "Rules of the Competition" that you will find attached to the relevant Challenge, propose your solution respecting the evaluation guidelines, as well as the other required administrative documents. Remember that some challenges are only active for a limited time, while others are constantly active.

Every year ADR launches "Call4Startups" aimed at searching the national and international scene for innovative solutions in certain strategic areas for sustainable business development and capable of redefining the paradigms of the airport industry and air transport in general. The selection process takes place in three different phases: the submission of the proposal by the start-up, the selection of a short list by ADR, the presentation of the solution during a pitch day organised by ADR, and finally the final choice involving the detailed conclusion of the contract following the verification of the necessary conditions for participation.

The Programme is structured as a 'Poc Factory' with the objective of supporting the start-up in the development of a Proof of Concept (or prototype) based on the selected proposal. It lasts 8 months and is structured in two main phases: an initial Setup phase (2 month) and a Delivery phase for the development of the PoC (6 months). During the Setup phase, the definition of the objectives and resources required for the development of the PoC, the declination of the use cases and the related KPIs for monitoring the work plan and timetable are discussed in 4 appointments with each start-up. During the Delivery Phase, on the other hand, the development and testing of the proposed solution will proceed on the basis of the timetable defined in the Setup Phase with the related monthly monitoring of the achievement of the agreed milestones/deliverables foreseen.

The start-ups are selected by ADR's technical teams on the basis of a number of evaluation criteria aimed at verifying the clarity, effectiveness and value proposition of the proposed technological solution with respect to the strategic objectives defined in the Call4Startups, as well as objective parameters aimed at assessing the company profile defined in the tender regulations.

The Intellectual Property of the products or services resulting from the Acceleration Programme will remain the property of the start-up.

The deal proposed by ADR for the Acceleration Programme for selected start-ups amounts to a total of €80,000, broken down as follows: € 30,000 for the development of a PoC in a maximum of 8-month programme and € 50,000 investment convertible into shares in the start-up's capital.

Companies supporting Aeroporti di Roma challenges assist in identifying the best use cases and support the development of POCs.

ADR's Acceleration Programme takes place in Italy's first corporate vertical incubator in the airport sector, the Innovation HUB located at Terminal 1 of Fiumicino Leonardo Da Vinci Airport, created with the aim of guaranteeing integration between start-ups and the airport ecosystem in the most complete and direct way thanks to the collaboration of ADR's professionals. By participating in the Acceleration Programme, the startup will have the opportunity to test its solutions inside the airport, with the support and know-how of the Innovation Cabin Crew, ADR's digital champions, and the dedicated project team that will follow the startup through all phases of the programme. In addition to this, ADR provides the start-up with its exclusive network of airports, commercial and institutional partners and a range of potential investors, including ADR itself. Participation in ADR's Acceleration Programme will bring an advantage in terms of reputation growth and brand strengthening, counting on visibility through ADR's main communication and social media channels, as well as the possibility of increasing its network through ad hoc fundraising events with investors, Venture Capital, airport networks and innovation partner

ADR Ventures

ADR Ventures is the Corporate Venture Capital fund of Aeroporti di Roma and has the objective of financing the development of projects in areas with a high potential for innovation; in synergy with the airport's operational and strategic requirements, ADR Ventures will operate as an engine for the development of young entrepreneurship, guaranteeing support to the most virtuous and prospective start-ups, accompanying them in the integration with the business and in the management of investment processes, accelerating the growth of the business and the commercialisation of the solution

ADR Ventures was created to financially and strategically support the development of innovative solutions and to reshape industry paradigms with the aim of designing the most advanced airport of the future

ADR Ventures invests in startups at Seed and Series A in Aerospace, Automation & Robotics, Future of Travel and Sustainability. ADR Ventures invests globally.

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Airports for Innovation

Airports For Innovation is a network that brings together the innovative needs and goals of the largest European and North American airports to promote and launch innovation and acceleration programmes with start-ups from around the world.

The aim of the network is to share innovative best practices and launch the first international Call4Startups in the airport sector in order to identify start-ups and innovative solutions that can solve common airport needs.

Contact us by using our dedicated form.