Directives and procedures


On 31 July 2017, Ciampino airport obtained  the conversion of its Aerodrome Certificate to the requirements of the European Community Regulation no. 216/08 with the conversion of the certificate, which took place 5 months before the expiry date set by regulations. Ciampino airport demonstrated the safety of its operations, with satisfaction of the infrastructural, procedural-management and organisational requirements laid down by the European Community.



As regards the safeguarding of the Aviation Safetythe areas characterized by ground movement and aircraft assistance operations (termed "Movement Area") is designed to adapt to specific infrastructure requirements. To reach the required Aviation Safety levels, the operators must observe carefully all the directives and procedures of the Airport Manager (ADR) in order to avoid losses. Therefore, to follow the operating rules, there is a need for national training of airport personnelinformed and accountable.


Within this context, ADR acts as the coordinator for safety purposes ensuring the safe procedures of the airport, by issuing provisions and setting up procedures stemming from said regulations. This coordination position entails the control activities of the operator so that the activities are carried out in compliance with the directives (except for the directives on safety and health of workers who, in accordance with national law, fall under the sole responsibility of each employer of organizations operating at the airport).

The "GEN 01" procedure of Section E of the Aerodrome Manual advises the operators to refer to the current proceduresand directives.

The procedure incorporates also the description of all formal documents whereby to identify specific directives:

Abiding by the directives is not only an obligation by law whose omission calls for the application of penalties and, in the cases provided for by law, charges of a criminal nature, but it also represents a social obligation whereby all the entities involved are protected.



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