APOC center


The new APOC center at Fiumicino airport, designed as of 2016 as part of the European SESAR projects on the air traffic management of the Single European Sky, is an example of technological innovation, intended to revolutionise the approach of airport operations. The APOC, constructed with a total investment of over €20 million, partly financed by the European Union, occupies an area of approximately 1,900 square metres and is equipped with state-of-the-art technological systems, designed to guarantee operational continuity even in the event of critical issues and any cyber security attacks. With 16 control rooms and 112 workstations, the APOC has a single work area, in which the main stakeholders of the airport will be able to work side by side and efficiently manage all the actions necessary for the correct execution of the operation of the airport. In the APOC, the flow of aircraft, the flow of passengers inside and outside the terminals as well as the management of baggage in the two sorting systems will be controlled in real time. The planning and efficiency of airport operations will be optimised and the necessary promptness of response to unforeseen events will be ensured.