Airport CDM  

Considering the current volume of traffic and the expectations of further growth in demand in the air transport sector, European airports are becoming the “bottleneck” of the entire airport system. Hence the need to develop an effective coordination system through the exchange of detailed information in real time between all the parties involved, in such a way as to improve performance and optimize resources.




What is Airport CDM?

Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) is an operational procedure aimed at improving the management of air traffic through a greater exchange of information between all stakeholders (airport operators, handlers, airlines, air traffic controllers, CFMU - Central Flow Management Unit). This new procedure allows for high levels of efficiency and punctuality through the optimization of traffic flow and management of airport capacity, reducing delays, better forecasting events and optimizing the utilization of resources.

Through collaboration among stakeholders the A-CDM procedure, which always uses top quality up-to-date unambiguous data, will ensure that all procedures and communications policies are standardized in order to reduce all possible sources of error.

The A-CDM procedure starts with the transmission of the ATC flight plan 3 hours before the EOBT (Estimated Off Block Time) and continues through 16 milestones that describe the progress of the flight in all its phases until take-off of the aircraft (ATOT - Actual Take Off Time).

Expected benefits of A-CDM

All the A-CDM partners will obtain benefits from this project:

  • Airlines: better adherence to slots; reduction in taxing times (reduction in consumption)
  • Ground Handlers: better planning and use of resources
  • Airport operators: reduction in environmental impact; improvement in punctuality, better planning and management of gates and stands; maximum utilization of capacity
  • ATC: better pre-departure procedures; improved punctuality and maximum utilization of capacity; better traffic forecasting;
  • CFMU: optimization of the use of the airspace capacity linked to the improvement of the flow of traffic; better slot adherence.

For further information

Useful documents:

Access to the A-CDM (FAST) platform form

A-CDM (FAST) platform incident reporting form