30 March 2021
The Board of Directors of Aeroporti di Roma, which met today in an extraordinary session, has appointed Prof. Claudio De Vincenti as President of Aeroporti di Roma.

The Board of Directors of Aeroporti di Roma, which met today in an extraordinary session, has appointed Prof. Claudio De Vincenti as President of Aeroporti di Roma.

At the opening of the meeting, the Board of Directors wanted to commemorate Prof. Antonio Catricalà, who died prematurely on 24 February, leaving an indelible memory in all the staff of the company.

De Vincenti, professor of Political Economy at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Rome La Sapienza and Senior Fellow of the LUISS School of European Political Economy, also carried out academic and research activities at the Federico II University of Naples and at the “Carlo Bo” University of Urbino. Expert in competition and market regulation, as well as author of numerous essays on economic theory and policy, he has held important institutional positions over the years, including Minister for Territorial Cohesion and the South, Undersecretary to the Prime Minister, Undersecretary and then Deputy Minister for Economic Development. During his four years at the Ministry of Economic Development, he mainly dealt with industrial policy, making a specific contribution to the solution of various corporate crises, competition and market structures and energy policies.


Aeroporti di Roma, an Atlantia Group company, manages Rome Fiumicino and Ciampino airports and carries out other business activities relating to airport management. Fiumicino has two passenger terminals and is dedicated to business and leisure customers on national, international and intercontinental routes; Ciampino is mainly used by low-cost airlines, express-couriers and General Aviation activities. In 2019 ADR recorded, as an airport system, 49.4 million passengers with over 240 destinations worldwide reachable from Rome, thanks to approximately 100 airlines operating at the two airports (In 2020, following the effects caused by Covid-19 on air transport, Fiumicino airport recorded just 9.8 million passengers while Ciampino airport ended the year with 1.6 million passengers). In 2020, Airports Council International Europe awarded Fiumicino’s Leonardo da Vinci airport with the “Best Airport Award 2020”. For the third year running, Leonardo da Vinci airport confirmed its position as the number one European hub with over 40 million passengers. The award adds to the recognition of Airports Council International World which, in 2020, presented Leonardo da Vinci airport with the “Airport Service Quality 2019” award for the third consecutive year as Europe’s most appreciated airport among hubs with more than 40 million passengers. ADR’s management capacity is also confirmed by the awards received during 2019 from Skytrax, the leading international rating and assessment company for the airport sector, which confirmed the 4 Skytrax stars obtained by Fiumicino in 2017.


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