8 April 2016
9 April: strike of air traffic controllers/assistants
ADR news release: the UN.I.C.A. Trade union has called a strike for the 9th April from 10:00 am to 02:00 pm across all Italian airports (islands included)


Aeroporti di Roma suggestsyou verify the FLIGHT status on the Voli in tempo reale page of this website, and in any caseto contact directly the relevant air line, to verify whether it is operational.

The ENAC Free Number – 800 898121 - provides information about:

  • strikes
  • certified domestic airlines
  • European Union airlines (information available over the phone)
  • American airlines operating in Italy that are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration
  • domestic air lines that rent aircraft from other operators
  • other foreign Companies authorised by Enac to operate flights from and to Italy (information available over the phone)
  • EU list of airlines that are banned from operating in the European Union (substituting the Italian list of approved foreign operators, implementing EU Ruling no. 2111/2005 entered into force on 16 January 2006)
  • the Passenger Rights Charter
  • the system of controls

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