10 December 2021

Fiumicino, 10 December 2021 - A meeting was held between the top management of ENAC and Aeroporti di Roma to analyse air traffic in view of the Christmas holidays and the infrastructural arrangements planned for this period at Leonardo da Vinci.

The airport is involved in a vast construction programme aimed at expanding the Schengen domestic area and adapting to future fire safety regulations, smoke evacuation, improving structural resistance for seismic purposes, as well as functional adaptation and capacity enhancement, service quality and energy changeover. This work is essential for alignment with the new standards that will come into effect from the end of 2023.

It is precisely in consideration of this that the most appropriate passenger flow management measures have been agreed, with the aim of continuing to guarantee the highest standards of safety and comfort for travellers even at this particular time of year characterised by an increase in air traffic, paying particular attention to the length of routes inside the Departure and Arrival Terminals, as well as implementing a series of measures to prevent the possible formation of queues and crowds.

On a monthly basis and according to necessity, the monitoring board between ENAC and ADR will meet to check the progress of the work sites and prevent the emergence of any critical issues in airport operational processes.



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