12 January 2022
Aeroporti 2030: sector closes 2021 with losses of between €1.3 - 1.4 billion and a traffic loss of almost 60% compared with 2019
Aeroporti 2030 welcomes the publication of the implementing decree of the aid allocated for 2020 and asks for confirmation of the Government's support for Italian airports

The Italian airport system closes the year with losses of between €1.3 - 1.4 billion: a dramatic decline for the national airports that have seen transit, in 2021, based on an analysis of the data available, of just over 80 million passengers, with a decrease of almost 60% compared with 2019, the final year before the pandemic.

In the final days of 2021, the decree was published that will allow airports to receive the aid allocated by the Government for the losses in 2020 and, in light of a situation of significant traffic decline also for 2021, Aeroporti 2030 hopes that the support of the Government is confirmed to ensure continuity to the Italian airports on the path towards an evolution of the sector towards the connectivity of the future, which is increasingly innovative, intermodal and sustainable.

“2021” commented the president of Aeroporti 2030, Alfonso Celotto “was a particularly challenging year for the airport sector, which continued to be heavily impacted by the trend of the pandemic situation. These data confirm that air transport and, specifically, airports, continue to be one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic. Nevertheless, our sector continues to invest: in fact, 2021 was also a crucial year for the development of Italian airports, which renewed and intensified their commitment to sustainability, the fight against climate change and innovation - fundamental guidelines of the Aeroporti 2030 manifesto”. In this scenario, our association is available to institutions and the country, with the common goal of contributing to a stable recovery in traffic.”