Innovation within ADR

Innovation is a fundamental value of the Aeroporti di Roma mission, which over the last year has consolidated and strengthened its strategic direction, promoting a corporate culture of innovation through the definition and implementation of a new operating model with the objective of strengthening innovation, digitalisation and environmental sustainability of airports.
The priority is to make a radical change, proactively participating in the change taking place in the light of the new context created by the pandemic, projecting oneself towards an innovative vision that guarantees the take-off of the connectivity of the future.
For this reason, Aeroporti di Roma, the first Italian airport pole, seventh in Europe, has chosen to focus on digitalisation, safety, innovation and environmental sustainability. 

New operating model of innovation

The new operating model adopted by Aeroporti di Roma aims to promote and stimulate the culture of innovation both inside and outside the company through a centralised structure and a team of Innovation Ambassadors (Innovation Cabin Crew) focused on the management of the process innovative and an open approach aimed at intercepting new highly innovative technological solutions to be experimented and tested directly in the field through an industrial start-up incubator

Open Innovation

Aeroporti di Roma firmly believes in an open approach to innovation, aimed at attracting the best realities and ideas in line with the strategic priorities defined in the “RESTART” innovation plan. In this context, partnerships have been launched with leading international companies in the field of innovation with networks of over 30,000 start-ups that will have the opportunity to join the challenges that ADR plans to launch in September and which will focus on 6 specific airport areas, identified as a result of careful internal work to define company needs. The winners of the challenges will have the opportunity to join an acceleration programme aimed at testing the proposed solutions.
Aeroporti di Roma's open approach to innovation does not stop at challenges and collaborations with start-ups, but is aimed at feeding a capillary network of partnerships with the academic world, private and public stakeholders, creating an ecosystem that promotes the exchange of ideas, know-how and culture of innovation.

The first Italian Innovation Hub dedicated to the airport sector

Precisely due to an effective experimentation of new technological solutions, Aeroporti di Roma is creating the first Italian industrial incubator dedicated to the airport sector, aimed at giving life to start-up proposals and ideas with high technological potential and capable of improving the airport experience and fostering the digital and energy transition. A hub of excellence, aimed at enhancing local and territorial skills by attracting start-ups and innovative companies from all over the world, which will have access to a unique opportunity to develop their own ideas dedicated to the air transport sector directly at the airport, involving potential stakeholders supported by the management of Aeroporti di Roma, with positive effects in terms of employment and economic and sustainable development of the airport area.

500 square metres made available by Aeroporti di Roma for the creation of a physical co-working space between start-ups from all over the world that favours the spread and exchange of ideas. Start-ups will be offered all the services and tools necessary to develop and test their solution and will be followed by a team of ADR management experts, who will accompany them in all phases of the testing process. By doing so, within a few months, start-ups will be able to interface with a market of potential investors from the innovative ecosystem of partnerships and collaborations set up by ADR.

A cradle of innovative projects

Various initiatives carried out by Aeroporti di Roma in the field of innovation, including the new system for accepting and boarding travellers which, through biometric facial identification, will transit through the airport easier, faster and safer, or the development of Urban Air Mobility services, which ADR plans to launch in agreement with ENAC and ENAV for the development of solutions for the transport of people, goods and supplies through the use of electric aircraft, which is particularly innovative and sustainable for the environment, with vertical take-off and landing routed in air corridors dedicated to their movements, optimising travel times, reducing consumption and emissions and improving quality of life. Additional initiatives undertaken by ADR involve the monitoring of passenger flows at security checks through the use of data collected by video surveillance cameras in the Terminals using Artificial Intelligence algorithms or the installation of over 600 square metres of digital LED wall systems that will also be used to entertain passengers with experiential content.

An ecosystem of international collaborations: “Airport for Innovation”

To make innovation truly original and able to actually improve the airport experience, Aeroporti di Roma has created a real ecosystem of international collaborations focusing on innovation and aimed at identifying common initiatives for the implementation of digital technologies and processes that can provide passengers with the safest possible health experience and, at the same time, support the relaunch of the aviation sector.
The signing of the first MoU between Aeroporti di Roma and Aena is the first step to promoting innovation in the airport sector. The future goal for ADR and Aena will be to expand the network, welcoming other international airports to design new technologies and processes together; with this in mind, today’s agreement marks the creation of the “Airports For Innovation” network, dedicated to optimising processes and improving the passenger experience thanks to the development of easy-to-use, innovative and sustainable solutions, as well as the experimentation of effective models. 

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