Biometric access control



Fiumicino Airport is the first airport in Italy to test the new boarding procedure of the future. Using biometric recognition of the face, departing passengers can quickly and safely complete their path in the airport without having to repeatedly show their documents or boarding pass. The Project, in collaboration with Vision-Box, a leading supplier of solutions for the management of electronic identity, anticipates the installation in specific airport areas of devices that detect the biometric features of the face of the passengers to guarantee their identification and electronically acquire the information included in the identification documents and boarding passes. All this information will then be cancelled within one hour of take-off. Nothing remains in the ADR servers.

The Project, in this testing phase which will last 6 months (following the closure of Terminal 1, this service is temporarily suspended) will be reserved just for passengers departing for Amsterdam who are travelling with the KLM airline. To join you must be an adult and have a valid passport with you.




What it is: Facial recognition will offer passengers and easier route through the airport. If, during check-in, you should decide to register for the trial, you can access the security controls and board using a dedicated technological channel without having to show the documents or boarding pass again.


How it works: the method is simple. During registration, you will be asked to present your passport and your boarding pass from which we will obtain all the information necessary to authorise your route in the airport. This information will be univocally associated with your face through appropriately arranged remote cameras. Once registered you will no longer have to produce documents or boarding passes when passing through the airport.


The photo taken of you will not be registered in any way but will only be used to generate the biometric outlines of your face.


Why yes: The system is fast, rapid and secure. Furthermore, the passengers will use a dedicated access checkpoint for boarding the plane without having to produce document and boarding pass.


Data eliminated: all the information during the check of the face are automatically eliminated after departure. No identity document of the passengers will be stored and kept in the ADR servers.


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