The Airport Security Management, is one of the ADR’s Corporate organization, which grants in roman airports system, the application of the security controls of passengers, hand and cabin baggage, goods and mail. In addition, according with and by effect of the Ministerial Decree no. 85, of 29thJanuary 1999, upon request of carriers and airport operators, may apply security controls to others security services.

This Decree, in detail, foresees the exclusive assignment by licence to Aeroporti di Roma S.p.A. - Airport Security Management of the following security controls:

  • out-going and transit passengers;
  • hand baggage (radio check);
  • hold baggage, goods and express currier packages (radio check).

ADR - Airport Security, furthermore offers directly or through authorised security companies, vigilance services of the airport property or of the licence assets. Upon request of the airline companies or others airport operators, the Security company carries out the following services:

  • radioscopy control or by other kinds of instruments of goods and packages of express curriers carried out in sub-licence areas;
  • control of the catering material and of other supplies on board in the production areas and/or stands
  • vigilance and identification of hold baggage by the out-going passenger;
  • interview and document checks procedures to the passenger before the check-in;
  • vigilance of the waiting aircraft and checks of the accesses on board;
  • match of the passenger's identity and boarding documents at the boarding gates;
  • passenger's check and hand baggage limitation at the boarding gates;
  • guidance of baggage, goods, mail, catering and supplies on board from/for the aircraft;
  • guidance from or for the aircraft of weapons with passengers in-going and out-going;
  • vigilance and custody of baggage, goods and mail;
  • preventive inspection of the aircraft cockpit;
  • auxiliary interventions of the police force activity, connected to emergency or security procedures;
  • any other check or activity prepared, after direct agreements, by the airport authorities, for whose fulfilment the intervention of the public authority is not required, or the operative employment of units belonging to the Police Force;
  • other services foreseen by the Security National Program or expressively requested by the carriers or by other airport operators.

ADR Security actively takes part in the management of the emergences for malicious deeds, infrastructure break downs, fires or other calamities in the airports; besides other eventual aircraft accidents in conformity with the ruling provisions and with the procedures foreseen at Fiumicino and at Ciampino. The rich legislation on the sector is a confirmation of the importance of security, and it is therefore important the care of the staff training. Generally it is foreseen, indeed, not only the compulsoriness of the training courses, but delays and contents are indicated by the Competent Authorities.

Training Courses

The much wider legislation regarding the security sector, in particular in the aviation and airport field , is a confirmation of how much is strategic for ADR Security to invest in the sector and, as a consequence, develop staff training. Indeed, it is not only foreseen the compulsoriness for the most of cases of the training courses, but the competent authorities indicate in detail, delays and contents.
The activities of our Security Training Centre is addressed to:

  • Managers and security Agencies
  • Air line companies
  • Airport staff
  • Curriers/Handlers
  • Catering and Cleaning staff on board
  • Personalized courses

Security Training Center

Address: Airport Leonardo da Vinci - Terminal 3 - Fiumicino

Telephone: +39 06 65954880

Fax: +39 06 65953205