Our Spring collection 2021 in 3 words? Re-birth, Re-start and Re-energise. Re-birth, the symbol of Easter, Re-start of a new life, Re-energise at first bite! An immersive and enveloping setting which evokes the vibrations and warm shades of fragrant gardens, in different spring colours and nuances.
That’s how we dressed up our products:
Chocoviar, in its elegant shades, decorated with those little cocoa pearls, let yourself be teased by the surprising contrast of the creamy and the crunchiness. 
Dried Fruits, cheerful, floral patterns to dress the royal family. One is full of whole toasted Piedmont Hazelnuts, one is lined with almonds and one with white chocolate enriched with a filling of salted dried fruits.
Mediterraneo, a triumph of mediterranean spring in yellow and green, made with white chocolate, pistachio and fragrant candied lemon zest, a journey to southern Italy in a bite! 
Our Mediterraneo recipe awaits you in all its forms: in addition to the egg, the new min egg has arrived! it is the little version of our Mediterraneo Egg, white Chocolate combined with pistachio cream and chopped and lemon zest.
And for those who like it cold…The Mediterraneo also comes in gelato: creamy Green Pistachio from Bronte with lemon zest and pistachio grains. The perfect choice for a springtime break!
All the colours of spring are dancing in this new 2021 Easter collection, created by selected young
Designers who, inspired by the colours of Matisse’s masterpieces, pushed their boundaries and broke free from the ordinary, creating these wonderful patterns that will add a splash of colour to every Venchi boutique. 
Spring tastes like Venchi, just show your milk or dark side!

SPECIAL PRICE (Egg): €6,00

The promotion is valid from March 9th to April 5th, 2021 in Venchi  boutique located in boarding area E.

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E1st Floor
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Boarding Area E
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