The significance of an airport for a country’s economy is a key element in its growth and competitiveness. The presence of airports is capable of producing a significant benefit to a country in terms of employment, added value and GDP. Specifically, the economic impact of the European airport network on the GDP is estimated at 4.1%, while the impact of the Italian airport network on the GDP amounts to 3.6%.

* 7Economic Impact of European Airports – A critical Catalyst Economic Growth – (ACI Europe, January 2015)

This impact includes:

  • the direct economic impact: i.e., employment, income and added value generated by activities directly related to airport management;
  • the indirect economic impact: i.e., all activities located downstream of the airport management supply chain and aviation supply chain in general;
  • the induced economic impact: this includes the impact generated by the income produced by aviation sector employees over other economic sectors;
  • the catalytic impact: this refers to the broader range of economic benefits associated with the presence of efficient airports in a region. This impact, which is typical of the airport industry, estimates the effect on: trade, tourism, investment and productivity.


ADR Group's attention for a sustainable management of the supply chain is demonstrated by its decision to reward and select suppliers that adopt quality, health, workplace safety and environmental management systems, defined and certified according to internationally renowned standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Dialogue with stakeholders is a key issue within ADR Group’s sustainability strategy. The initiatives that ADR has already launched towards its stakeholder relate to aspects linked to limiting impact on the land, protecting the environment, energy efficiency and communicating with institutional entities regarding programming and planning activities.

ADR Group has also supported initiatives aimed at the community, such as Italian Foundations and Non-Profit Organisations, by funding and sponsoring charity and cultural projects.