Self- declaration


New self-certifications*

The obligation to fill in a localisation form in digital format (PLF - Passenger Locator Form) is required for all those who enter from the foreign states or territories listed in lists B, C, D and E, according to the methods that shall be identified by a Circular from the General Directorate of Health Prevention of the Ministry of Health. The filling in of the PLF will replace the paper self-certification. Once the PLF is available, it will be possible to fill in the self-certification on paper, only in the event of technological impediments.








Please note that the Technical Annex on air transport (Annex 15 to the Italian Prime Ministerial Decree of 02/03/2021) requires airlines, in order to derogate from the one-metre social distancing between people on board aircrafts, to request a specific self-certification from passengers stating that they have not had close contact with a person suffering from COVID-19 in the last two days before the start of symptoms and up to 14 days after the start of symptoms. For the above-mentioned purpose, passengers who start experiencing COVID-19 symptoms within 8 days of landing from the aircraft, in the interest of traceability, must undertake to notify the airline and the competent local health authority.
Please refer to the instructions provided by the individual airlines regarding Covid-19 self-declaration.


*Measures provided for by the Order of the Minister of Health dated 16 April 2021.