It is a good idea to put your personal details (name, surname, address, telephone number) both on the inside and the outside of your luggage, and remove the labels of previous trips.

Hold baggage

The size and weight allowed in the hold vary depending on the airline. Please contact the airline you are flying with for the details and the rates for excess baggage.

Hand luggage

You can take only one piece of hand baggage and you should check the limits of weight and size, by contacting the airline you are travelling with directly.
In addition to your luggage you can take on board:

  • a bag, a document wallet
  • camera, video camera, CD player, laptop (separately for inspection)
  • coat or raincoat
  • folding umbrella
  • crutches or other walking aids
  • baby’s cot
  • reading materials
  • articles purchased at the duty-free shops


Before leaving, check other limitations on the website of the airline.

We inform all Passengers that, in addition to hand luggage (measuring 55x40x20cm), it’s allowed to take the shopping bag(measuring 35x20x20 cm) on board all Ryanair flights departing from Fiumicino airport.

For lost luggage passengers can contact the passenger assistance company which carries out ground handling services on behalf of the airline, as indicated on the monitor adjacent to the baggage claim belt.


Prohibited items

The list of prohibited items in hand baggage and checked baggage is indicated in the following document:

For the specific standards that regulate liquids and fluids in hand baggage (for example, gels or creamy products), please see the regulation published online by ENAC - Ente Nazionale Aviazione Civile (National Civil Aviation Agency). For transport of firearms and munitions in the hold, please refer to the prevailing regulation and your airline’s instructions.

Items that may constitute inappropriate weapons are not permitted on your person or in hand baggage (for example, scissors, knives, razor blades and umbrellas with metallic tips), regardless of their size.

Before departing, check for further limitations on the airline’s website.


Handling companies

Alitalia National and International flights

+39 066640 for Alitalia customers

+39 06 65634965 for the customers of Alitalia Assisted Airlines who use the call center for Lost & Found services

(7:00 a.m.- 11:00p.m.)

Aviapartner +39 0665957249 +39 344 142 7740  (09:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.)

Easyjet Customer Call Centre opening hrs  ( 09.00 am -05.00 pm )   0039 344 1427740 


Consulta +39 06659528739 (8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.)

Aviation Services +39 06 83394444



Prohibited articles

The following are not allowed, worn or in your hand luggage: objects that can be used as weapons (e.g. scissors, knives, metal files), regardless of size. For the regulations that govern liquids and fluids in your hand luggage (e.g., gel or cream products) please refer to the regulations published on the  ENAC - National Civil Aviation website


In accordance with safety regulations it is not permitted to carry in hand luggage any type of firearm or knife, explosives and ammunition. For transport in the hold please refer to the laws in force and the indications of your airline.

Luggage trolleys

Aeroporti di Roma has launched a series of free initiatives at the capital’s main airport – in contrast to the past and other airports in the world – to offer better services to its passengers and align Leonardo da Vinci with the highest international standards of quality.

In line with this policy, from 1st July 2014 luggage trolleys are now free. A trolley used to cost 2 euro. Today there are 3,000 trolleys.