The Japanese know this well. They teach us that love should be celebrated in all its forms and they have untranslatable words and expressions to convey every nuance, including “koi no yokan”, which means “to meet someone and know you’re destined to fall in love with one other”.

Venchi puts an Italian spin on this concept. This is why Valentine’s Day is not only perfect for lovers of romantic gestures between sweethearts, but also for those who want to show their children some love, show their friends affection or show a teacher or colleague that they appreciate them.

The Valentine’s Day 2020 Collection is inspired by the Italian “Commesso Fiorentino” art tecnique: a unique decoration born in Florence back in the 1500s, characterized by the attention to detail and the use of precious materials.

With the same care and passion we designed “Fatto con Amore/ Made with Love” collection to celebrate Valentine’s Day reinterpreting in a modern way this art tecnique, thanks to the bright contrast between pink and red.

•            MINI BOOK: Our classic MiniBook in Valentine's Day version: A chocolate love poem!

•            SQUARE BOX: A gift box available in 3 different assortments: Cremini assortment, for lovers of tradition, Gianduiotti for those who prefer Gianduia and Chocoviar for those who love to be surprised and try new tastes!

•            HEART: Chocolate hearts in extra dark 75% version and milk in a heart-shaped tin gift box, made with Love. Discover it in the Large and Small: a limited edition dedicated to travellers.

Do not forget to taste our new recipe, the Matcha Chocolate: A delicious Eastern-inspired treat given an Italian spin! Matcha Tea combined with Mediterranean hints of pistachio and lemon.

Think love when you taste it...It’s always better not to ask too many questions about life!

Everyone needs a little love. LOVE EVERYONE.

SPECIAL PRICE (Heart): €8,00

The promotion is valid from January 16th to February 22nd, 2021 in Venchi  boutique located in boarding area E.



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